happy birthday Mel Asiddao!

Is this the little boy I carried? 🙂

Happy birthday (4th April) to one of the most memorable members of Saint Jude Catholic School Batch 82, Ms Mel Asiddao !

I don’t even know where to start describing Mel.  She was and is one of the most gifted, most engaging, and most popular batchmates in our batch, and we had a relatively big batch (more than 150) so it took quite a lot to stand out, but she did it.

Name it and she did it.  Academics?  Not an egghead, but always up there with the achievers.  Sports and intrams?  Always part of the best teams, and an all-sport player.  Model Platoon?  I think she not only represented, but was one of the PLATOON LEADERS, but my memory isn’t that clear anymore.  Musical talents?  Member of the school choir.  Student leadership?  She was always one of the more respected leaders in the student body, and again, in a relatively big school, that’s saying a lot.

But if ever she didn’t (over) achieve, she still would’ve been a remarkable person, Ms Mel Asiddao.  She had such a magnetic personality that you couldn’t help but want to be her friend, and hard as it might be to believe, she was, everyone’s friend.

Years and years later, we still remember you fondly Mel.  Thanks for all the memories !

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