happy birthday Kuya Doc !

proud dad with son Alfonso at his graduation

[ Note : I can’t let this go too long, as I won’t be able to stop.  Happy birthday to my bro, Doc Donald Bautista ! ]

FORTY-SEVEN out of his 51 years (today) he’s known me, in turn I’ve known him all of my 47.  Before I was old enough to go to school he would, whenever he had a little left over from his baon (lunch money) buy me little plastic cars (koche-kochehan) from sidewalk vendors after school; they couldn’t have been worth more than five or ten centavos at the time, but seeing him bring me those little treats was the highlight of my day.

Years later, everytime I was distraught, depressed or inconsolable, he was the first person I would run to, whatever time of the day or night.  He was / is the one person in the world before whom I was not ashamed to cry my eyes out (as men hate to do, especially before other men); cry floods of tears, almost always in self-pity for some silly misfortune or stupid mistake.

Each time he knew I effed up again, made similar mistakes over and over, but would patiently give me the physical and psychological stroking needed.

He is probably the most thoughtful person I know, and it’s just as well that he’s a successful medical professional as it’s because he remembers every birthday, anniversary, wedding of everyone in his wide circle of friends.  He is godfather to more kids than he cares to count, he probably stopped counting a long time ago.

He has done more and achieved well beyond the call of duty as a brother, father, son, boss, mentor and friend, more than anyone I know.  He restores your faith in the kindness of both strangers and bosom friends, and you are a better person because he is in your life.

So much more I can say, but for now let me say that I am truly blessed to be your brother.  I love you always Kuya “Doc” Donald Bautista, happy happy birthday from everyone who loves you !



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