Why I’m not destined 2 B a Facebook person

He lets me visit his page but won't accept my friend request 😦

NOW THAT’S pretty hypocritical as hypocritical gets (the title above), if you ask Your Loyal Blogger.  I mean, I use FB everyday that the Lord has made, depend on it for the messages that mean most to me as if my life depended on it (and it does), get updates from friends, friends of friends and relatives, not to mention people I’m interested in ( stalker alert ! :p ) and lastest but not the leastest, rely on FB for the two current loves of my sedentary life, Tri-Peaks Solitaire and Egyptian Pyramid Solitaire, I’m red-faced to admit.

In short, I’m starting to be one of those people who consult their Facebook pages morning noon and night, use it for almost every aspect of their lives, are as comfortable in the virtual world as they are in the real, can’t imagine how they existed before it, and are part of the unnerving demographic who would readily give up alcohol, showers and SEX (caps mine) rather than go without the internet.

That last group, of lifers that go without a life, has so floored me that I’m reproducing the money shot of the short report below :

New research suggests many people would rather give up alcohol, showers or sex than go without the internet. More than one in five men and women would become celibate to remain online.  10 percent would give up their car, while seven percent would rather give up showers for a year.

Like the DJ who alerted my attention to it says, it’s the last two categories of hermits that we can all do without, but what about that first huh?  Methinks that group was prepared to go without the nasty anyways, and surfing eBay, Google, imdb and mugglenet 24/7 were just added incentives.  But to each his own.

I love keeping tabs on my friends’ latest pets adorable tricks, or the most recent milestones of my contemporaries’ kids, but my voyeur-exhibitionist balance isn’t quite 50-50.  Don’t get me wrong, if ever I’ve done something to be proud of, passed an exam, lost some weight or finished an endurance festival, you’d be the first to know and I’ll satiate you with dozens of pics popping up on your screen.

But everyday pictures of how thoroughly I brushed my teeth (not all the time), what I do at the mall (groceries and picking up leftover sushi from esposa hermosa, shhh) and what’s left for me to do when superbored (rearrange my toy collection, run around the block again, sigh) aren’t exactly compelling details and must-see viewing for the YouTube addicts out there.  So they will remain unchronicled and unvideoed, to my everlasting regret. 🙂

Additional reasons for not being a compulsive FB post-er and page-clutterer:

I don’t want to fill up your page more than it is already.  It’s already filled up with good causes, cute videos and timely reminders from well-meaning people.  Well, well-meaning and good intentioned is fine with me, as long as I don’t have to do it all the time.  And you remember what they said about the road to hell right?

I already blog so much it’s not funny anymore.  Sorry for that, but it’s become a regular thing for me now.  The wordpress and facebook sites are connected, and each time I post a blog, it comes out on my FB page, a necessary evil offered up to the altar of interconnectedness and social networking without which we could not thrive in today’s universe.  So if I add anything beyond the blogs, sobra na po.  But thanks for bearing with me.

I’m on a low broadband plan.  If you’ll believe it, there are no TelstraClear cables around where I reside, and the explanation I got from the Pasig call center sounding helpdesker is that while they’re striving to extend their coverage, for my particular area they’re “riding” on their friendly competitor, Telecom NZ.  That means the usual 60-gigabyte plan I’m on has been down to 25, which is the maximum allowed (there are limits on how much you want to help your business rival, after all).  For my compulsive blogging alone, that’s stretching it, and there is the usage of other people in my cave to consider.  Don’t forget Yahoo!, chikka and all the other strings that attach me to the Philippines and wherever home is, sniff sniff!

I don’t know what your definition is of a Facebook person.  For all I know I may already be one.  But as far as I’m concerned, my Facebook activity has already reached the upper limit, and if I should reciprocate what I see on other people’s pages, I think I have to respectfully decline.  I hope that doesn’t stop you though from doing what you’re doing, cuz I love visiting your Facebook page !

Thanks for reading !


9 thoughts on “Why I’m not destined 2 B a Facebook person

  1. I agree. I don’t want to flood my friends’ newsfeed everytime. I do check facebook everyday, but I do not post all the time. Most people reveal too much in facebook. I don’t want to be one of them. I try not to do check-ins all time, stating where I am, for security purposes. 😛

  2. I tried to deactivate my Facebook account, but after 2 weeks I created another one. I usually do not post anything, except when my ex is online. I’m trying to be *papansin*.

    • hahaha! i tend to keep exes away from my FB list, cuz of awkwardness and unintended consequences 🙂 thanks as well for the kind comment Crian / cessology! 🙂 great blog title!

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