happy birthday Boss Tim Bautista !

OF COURSE I’m biased, but I’ve never seen anyone who (1) thinks so many moves ahead in anything he plans in life, and (2) has done so well in anything he has tried his hand at.  But then I’m only the brother of one of the most remarkable persons I know, Mr Timothy “Tim” Bautista.

Thinking of him on the eve of his birthday, I can readily think of one basis for Number One above.  He has acquired the discipline by playing one of his lifelong loves, chess, where thinking at least two or three moves ahead of your opponent is the name of the game.

In fact, the grandmasters of elite tournaments are known to map out thousands of possible game combinations (each from start to finish) in their head, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kuya Tim has done this in his chess wars, as he is good enough to play at club level.  ( In fact, in our extended family, I know of only one other person who can compete with him at his level, at that’s our other bro George, who I also blogged about in Jan.)

He has from way back applied gigabyte thinking derived from chess to the real world of entrepreneurship, human resources and corporate brinksmanship.  He has combined this with an engaging manner, an ability to lead and motivate people with effortless charm, and an uncanny success with managing teams and organizations.  And that explains Number Two, whether it be in school, his career, and especially his family.

In De La Salle U, he not only graduated with honors but did so an academic year early, giving him multiple options regarding the jobs that struck his fancy.  He has been a senior executive in different industries and has earned the respect of his peers.  Best of all, as you can see above, he has provided his unico hijo JY (pictured with him above) a superior university education in the US, where the latter repeated history by also graduating with honors.

I’ve never been able to pry out of him his lifelong philosophy but it seems to be, looking at his achievements and convictions, to find out early what you’re good at, keep at it, until you become the best at it.  The trouble is, because he’s excelled in everything he’s done, I don’t  know what that is, exactly !

I’m happy to say that, outside his allergy to failure, I’ve a few things in common with him :  he loves the word game Text Twist and the Sudoku puzzle (as do I, woo-hoo!), one of his all-time favorite sit-coms is Frasier, as it is mine, and our sons were born in April 1988, less than two weeks apart.

He has always been a model panganay, has been an ultra-devoted son to our parents, who are undoubtedly proud of him, a gold-standard husband and dad, and world-class boss to the many employees he has led.

He is one of my real-life heroes, and to be his brother has been and will always be an honor.

Happy birthday Kuya Tim, mabuhay ka!

Love always


PS.  Here’s a video of one of his favorite songs, Baby Come Back by Player 🙂



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