Happy birthday kabatch Jocelyn Chan !

It’s not the clearest memory I have of her, but it’s probably one of the most flattering.

I mentioned it before on our own batch Yahoo!group, but never on this site, and since it’s her special day tomorrow I thought I’d mention it.  Grade Six Music class in 1978, more than 30 years ago didn’t always inspire us to showcase our talents, but it did require us to sing, at least once in the schoolyear, a song of our choice in front of the class.

Not only did it test our musical aptitude, the exercise also challenged our fortitude in baring our soul before 50 other nervous would-be singers.  It was therefore business as usual when our classmate Jocelyn “Asan” Chan took the stage for her turn to sing.

It was however anything but usual to hear her sing, Katie Irving’s “I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me” (or something like that) popularized by the movie “Carrie” and one of the anthem songs of the 1970s.

Remember this was before the era of Karaoke and Singalong, when only the most inspired and ably-voiced could approach singing like the radio artists.  But Jocelyn sang with such beauty in her voice and confidence that the rest of the class could only stop whatever it was we were doing and burst into applause after her last note.  Even our teacher was pleasantly surprised that Jocelyn sang so well.

Years and years later, Jocelyn still brings back fond memories, especially whenever she engages in good-natured repartee with equally witty schoolmates, but that one memory I have of her, in Music class so many years ago, will never change.

Thanks for the memories Jo, warmest regards to the family, and many happy returns !


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