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[Note :  Just experimenting with blogging self-help tips, as I am putting down whatever comes to mind and deciding if I should be logging it on the Blog of Life.  So if it appears, you’ll know I decided in the positive, or haven’t been able to put anything else. When you have time, pls take a look at what the comedian Russell Peters (above) has to say about Pinoys. And belated kudos to AKLnzPINOYS’s From Carabao to Sheep, a recent winner of the 2011 Migration Advocacy and Media (MAM) Awards ! Thanks for reading! ]

I CAN’T BELIEVE Panganay goes out Friday nights and does the following :

(1) Commute to the city.  (2) Try to get in a dance club predominated by Asians (I’m not sure what they’re called, in our time they were discoes or night clubs, yes?) (3) Meet his crew and try to get into another club, this time not just for Asians.  (4) Attract enough attention from people who appreciate their dancing, and get free drinks.  (5) Repeat (2), (3) and (4). (6) Crash the nearest friend’s place available, and dance some more (without hopefully raising hell with the neighbors) till the crack of dawn.  (7) Go home.

Unless he has something more important coming up, which is practically never, he does this every weekend.  He breezily waves goodbye (Bukas o Linggo na balik ko , ‘Pa), returns like a zombie 24 to 36 hours later, and is none the worse for wear after a few hours’ sleep.

I was young once, but I can’t remember expending as much energy and sleep loss for something like this.  He has no known vices (at least I hope he doesn’t do drugs; hates smoking and drinks little), doesn’t think of sex all the time like I did, and doesn’t suffer from post-teen angst and existentialist stress the way most youth do (OK, the way I did), so I can’t relate too much to his weekend nocturnal proclivity.  Obviously, he just wants to enjoy himself, seeks the company of his friends, likes dancing, and lack of self-confidence has never been an issue for him.  Perhaps my main source of amazement with him is that he is definitely more poised, polished and self-aware than I ever was at his age.

More notes : He commutes to the city although he has a license because he is saving on petrol, and there is the slight chance he will come home inebriated, and in Wellington (like Auckland) there is a late Friday/early Saturday bus (4.00 am) for the wasted, intoxicated and fatigued, very thoughtful of the city council and obviously to avoid possible accidents and alcohol-related incidents.  He starts clubbing in an Asian venue probably because he will encounter more friends there (Pinoy, Southeast Asian, Korean, Chinese etc) but will later gravitate towards the better clubs, which are culturally and racially more integrated.  I don’t know how structured the night life is here, I’m just basing it on the vague (and purposely hazy) stories he tells us.  A typical story for him begins with finding a bouncer/security guy who knows him and lets him in free, dancing their latest routine and grabbing the oohs and aahs from the club crowd, usually female, and ending up cozy with more than a few pretty girls, usually tipsier then they are.

The question I always want to ask but never end up asking him is, anak did you get lucky last night?  I first try to discern it from his stories and body language, but eventually just wait for him to volunteer said information, if he fancies.  Physical needs and male realities aside, what I can glean from him is that although he will not ignore opportunities as they present themselves, it’s not a priority for him.  It’s TMI at this point, but he’s definitely not the horny hormone-addled night-owl that his dad was, thank God for that.

Gosh I miss those days.

**         **         **

As if the uncertainty of waiting for a new visa wasn’t enough, the plant boss who hired me without even trying me out or giving me a probationary period was unceremoniously bundled out of the company after 22 years of faithful service.

He was the latest casualty of a regime of terror fueled by a misguided fanaticism in favor of health and safety.

Look, I’m as safety-conscious as the next guy.  But when you can no longer climb up a three-foot ladder without hitching yourself to a harness, or clear a choke without shutting down the entire system to avoid infinitesimal risks, the health-and-safety philosophy has clearly been reduced to the ridiculous.

Procedures we had been following for years were deemed unsafe, and new procedures that our machinery and architecture hadn’t been adjusted to were set in place.  A few of us were unable to adjust quickly enough, and by virtue of command responsibility our boss took the blame.  Worse, it was made to look like he had allowed all the old practices against advice and clear orders (I’m just guessing, but it was maybe to avoid liability), and because he was loyal to the company to the end, Boss accepted the blame and took the hit for everyone else.

In the clearest language possible, it just sucks.  The change has deeply polarized the staff, and nobody knows how to react without clearly exposing our displeasure over the turn of events and/or risking our own employment.

More later.

Thanks for reading !


5 thoughts on “Stream-of-consciousness rants

  1. Salamat sa post. I found your site off the aklpinoy mailing list. Will RSS this to keep myself updated if you don’t mind. In case you are looking to increase traffic to your site, try the wordpress commentluv plugin.

    • You are more than welcome Ka Uro. AKLnzPINOYS has selflessly done so much for the Pinoy community especially the last few years that it’s the very least I can do. I am immensely proud to be a tiny part of your giant effort. Error corrected. 🙂 Mabuhay Filipinos and global brotherhood of men (and women) !

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