Nexus between alternate realities : Pistang Hamilton & beach cleanup

[Note from Noel : Belated happy birthdays to Mr Oliver Uy and Prof Harry Roque and happy birthday to Engr Nelson Tan ! Good luck to all the participants of Pistang Pilipino 2011, particularly the Wellington and Auckland teams and contestants, and don’t forget to congratulate each other after every game OKs? ]

EVEN BEFORE I saw the YouTube teaser I had a pretty good idea what the Pistang Pilipino 2011 to be held in Hamilton, New Zealand would contain : a beauty pageant, talent quest, the all-important basketball-dominated sportsfest, and mini-reunions everywhere between Pinoys separated by fate, job assignments and love.

And if you look at the teaser yourself, you will see all the well-loved activities that unite and bond Filipino communities everywhere: Pinoys love to showcase their superlatives under the bright lights, grace under pressure, and to celebrate the best among the best, be it physical beauty, athletic talent, or the performing arts.  All under one umbrella, and that of course is the Pistang Pilipino 2011 hosted by Hamilton, involving almost all the Pinoy communities throughout the Land of the Great White Cloud, New Zealand.

It’s a safe bet that anyone who’s part of the Pinoy community who has any form of talent, and who’s adhered to any of the basketball clubs throughout Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, or any of the another cities and towns in all of the regions will attend this annual gathering of migrants from the Pearl of the Orient.  And if you can’t make it, you will either eat your heart out by listening to the tales of those who made it, or promise yourself to make it next year.

Each major event, be it the beauty pageant (Ms Philippines NZ), the talent quest or the sports fest, not only has its own Facebook page, most of the participants therein have their own FB pages where you can participate by “liking” your favorites, interact with the actors, or inquire about related activities that take place year round, not just during the Pistang Pilipino.  There are various activities that you can enjoy, and if they are not for free, admission may be gained for very reasonably priced tickets.

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Over at the Bay of Plenty on the eastern NZ coast, not far away from Hamilton, a different kind of community bonding is set to take place.  Pinoy volunteers since early this week (17-23 October) have been raring to take part in beach cleanups as a result of the MV Rena grounding in early October.

We don’t have to emphasize that of the principal actors in this tragedy, one was and is a kabayan, and therefore most of us feel the pangs of conscience to pick up not just the solidified oil that has washed up on beaches but the contents of containers displaced (as much as 50-70 forty-foot containers) from the Rena.

Operation Beach Clean Up very courteously told the various Pinoy volunteer groups that, while their assistance was very welcome, logistics and the excess of volunteers required that most of the Pinoy volunteers cool their heels until further notice. [ Thanks for forwarding the e-mail, Mr Ody Lumanglas ! ]

Well, at least we wanted to help. Kudos to the organizers and Hamiltonian hosts of Pistang Pilipino 2011, advance congratulations to all the winners of the various Pistang Pilipino events, and to the kabayan beach cleanup volunteers : mabuhay kayong lahat !


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