Pinoy si Ka Dennis sa New York & Anywhere Else : Video

AN OLD FRIEND from way back, Dennis started his migrant adventure decades before we did, which goes to show you how much smarter than us he was / is.

Like many adventures though, it has not been without its ups and downs.  Because he has twin talents of a voice /songwriting that makes you do a double take, and a videocam eye that makes the commonplace sublime, it would only be a matter of time before he combined the two gifts to form wonderful videos like this, which encapsulize his migrant experience.  Not only are you stirred by his powerful timbre, but you also get to take in the sights and sounds of his adopted home, NYC.

Kudos on the awesome vid Brother Dennis, Godspeed and may your songs continue to inspire !

Please share Dennis’s creation with your friends over every kind of media.


PS.  If you want more of Dennis’s repertoire and genre of music, please visit, maraming salamat po!

5 thoughts on “Pinoy si Ka Dennis sa New York & Anywhere Else : Video

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