A Matter of Choice-1 (via Filipinos in Christchurch)

It boggles the mind when you think about the numbers here. We live, in this planet, solar system and galaxy, alone or otherwise, a truly privileged existence ! Please read when you’ve time ! From our kabayan in Christchurch, NZ ! 🙂

A Matter of Choice-1   A UNIVERSE MADE FOR US?   The universe contains far more galaxies than we can imagine — at least 100-billion and quite possibly far more. How big are those numbers? Let’s put this into some perspective. If you counted galaxies at the rate of one per second for 24-hours, it would take almost 32-years for you to reach the number 1-billion. And, if you lived long enough (and certainly you won’t), you would spend almost 3,200-years to reach 100-bil … Read More

via Filipinos in Christchurch


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