Short Note to Ganda

Dear Ganda :

I dreamt about you last night.  It surprisingly seemed pedestrian and non-symbolic, unlike many of my usual dreams (tumultuous and symbolic, but which I can’t figure out anyway) :  you make fun of my new dentures, my snoring and my stinginess.   I diplomatically accept all your (constructive) criticism, but when it’s my turn to comment on your taste in guys and your frivolity, you shut down and refuse to interact further.  So much for healthy discussion. 

The good part is, this is just a dream right?  In the real world, I like to think that we are thick as thieves, as thick skinned as Willy R., especially with his new-found messianic complex (think of all the lolas he wants to distribute P1000 bills to).  I can call you out as quickly as you can voice your disappointment with my many flaws.  Respectfully, of course. 
More and more, as scientists decode the blueprint of life, demystify the arcane swirls in our DNA, and discover more secrets via gene mapping, I’m beginning to believe that traits and character can definitely be inherited. 
I say this because you have your mom’s combination of her frankness and congenital inability to hide the truth.  You couldn’t have gotten it from me, every brain cell and neural pathway in me equivocates as second nature.  Many times you have chosen silence over ingratiating yourself to pompus people; often you have chosen the truthful over the convenient. 
At your age, I could never have done that, and I doubt if I could do so even now.  It’s not always popular to say this, but I hope you have learned ( as I am still
learning) that character is more important than wisdom, than talent or charm. 
All your other gifts are secure.  You know very well, but it won’t do your ego any harm to reiterate that you are quite pretty, you have a sharp head on your shoulders and, given the fact that you will be finishing university in two years (at least with one NCAA title while you were in school) and you can join your mother overseas, you can plot the career that you fancy, seize the day, stay true to the path and fight the good fight.
That’s it for now.  Please help Bunso in his choice of school, give Nana and Lolo a ring every now and then to show you care, and stay safe always.
I love you very much and miss you both terribly.
Kaawan ka lagi ng Diyos.

2 thoughts on “Short Note to Ganda

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