The First Day of The Rest of Your Life

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[ NOte from NOel :  Remember during our high school retreat, when we were asked to write letters to ourselves, that we would read later during the retreat to compare how we were then to how were after the retreat? Well, the retreat letter has been improved, retreat participants now solicit other people to write them letters… I’m honored to write one to my younger son, who has been exemplary in almost every way possible, I’m proud to say.  Thanks in advance for reading ! ]
Hello Bunso :
First of all please let me congratulate you on what is so far a year full of achievement ; you have done everything expected of you as a senior. I’m proud of you.
I remember a peculiar dread that I felt, the days leading to the first day of school, every year of my youth.  A mixture of nervous excitement, coupled with a wish to restart a summer vacation doomed to end without my having done anything to be proud of.
You would have none of this nonsense.  It’s almost as if from the time you finished your junior year, you were ready to accept the challenge of being a senior, grab the tiger by the tail, and hit the ground running.  Your energy and initiative inspire me, anak.
It’s probably not obvious right now, in the midst of all your activities events and milestones as both a student and young adult, but it’s likewise a great time to plan the exciting life ahead of you.
You’re on the brink of a great adventure.  Everything you wanted to do, set out to achieve, all that you’ve started to build on, are beginning to emerge on the horizon.
The first big step that you took is starting school and embarking on your senior year, but things are beginning to look up, you have already completed the first major stage, and you are starting to master your gifts of learning, perception, synthesis and invention.  Not fully, but you are getting there.
But even more exciting is, you have not yet fully realized the nature and extent of your gifts.  And those that you do realize, you are only beginning to appreciate and realize.  You are in the midst of your own Age of Discovery, and instinctively you will know how best to use your gifts to make this world a better place for you and everyone else around you.
I know it’s a long process, but like they say, success is not a destination but a journey.  And I daresay that you have made a tremendous start.
My only regret is I have not been there for you, to see you grow, accomplish your goals, feeling the pride and satisfaction of witnessing your successes, but this is not about me.  It’s about YOU.
During your retreat, you will undoubtedly find time to reflect on what God wants you to do in your life.  Let Him speak to you through His creation and His Word.  I am not a religious person, but I acknowledge that a God-fearing, godly life is its own reward.
Beyond this, I cannot tell you anything else.  As a parent, I have been blessed with an insatiably curious, intuitive and creative son.  I cannot ask for anything more.
God bless you anak.  I love you always, and I wish you well in all that you do.  Kaawan ka lagi ng Diyos.

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