Feel-Good Wetworks in Early Nov

Hey there mga anakis :

No matter what you do, and no matter how much you love what you do, don’t take a job requiring regular night shift, OK? It will age you beyond your years.  😦

First of all I’m gladder than glad that you were able to swap goodbyes with Kuya before he left home. I know you didn’t enjoy the best relationship with him and things got quite sticky in the end, but the fact that he took the initiative to bid fond farewell, sibling – to – sibling, means he regretted all the negative vibes.

After all is said and done, he is after all your brother. He is on the verge of something big, and everyday is a new adventure for him. As you try to set aside your differences, I ( as well as your mother, I’m sure ) will forget his kakulitan and past immaturities, and together let’s support and give him encouragement in his moment.

I’m likewise happy that you went with Nana and Lolo to the cemetery to visit my own grandparents, you didn’t have to and no one asked you to, kudos for that. I’m just not sure if you went with them to the Chinese Cemetery (for Lolo’s folks) or to Manila Memorial (with Nana’s parents). If you went to both venues, that’s double kudos; you both deserve a medal.

I’m sure I told you more than once that Lolo was part of a large brood, and being one of the youngest, he was a bit distant from his dad. I do remember him telling us that he was quite close to his mother, sadly they both died before I was born.

I think you were both very young when Nana’s mother passed away, she was quite a character with her loud voice and colorful Bicolano dialect. Nana loved her very much for her quiet strength, something that was passed on to her.

** ** ** ** **

Inasmuch as I’m on the subject of notables who’ve passed on, one of my batchmate’s moms passed on early this year. According to her (my classmate), they weren’t very close, and they argued over all sorts of things. (sounds familiar ba?) To her credit, my classmate did not let this diminish her admiration for her, which fully dawned on her after her mother died. In her own words :

My mother was a picture of greatness, in all that she has done for me and my brothers. Her strength and power to uphold her dignity and carry a torch, that to this day is burning still in my heart – she was so much unappreciated and acknowledged. Today, I tell you, as I also pass forward this message to my own beloved son: a mother’s love, indeed, is the greatest love of all… regarding this woman that I thought I didn’t love for a moment in time, but actually adore.

These words could melt the coldest heart, as it rightly did mine when I read them. Wish you could see my classmate one day.

** ** ** ** **

A grade school classmate of mine lost a precious sister, and needless to say they were probably as close as bro and sis as you two are. Know how siblings realize how each other meant after tragedy? They didn’t need that, as my kabatch and his diche loved each other across the miles and through the years. Here’s what he told me shortly after she passed on:

I was very close to Big Sis 2. She’s always been there for me ever since I was a kid… She was my yaya & tutor. Its kind of hard to lose Big Sis 2 (and) she will be missed.

Now, can any brother and sister be as bonded as they were? In the way he lives his life, loves his family and regards the women he encounters, he honors the memory of his sister.

Relatedly, I’m happy the two of you appreciate each other even before you are fully adults. By the way, he’s another classmate I hope you meet someday.

Finally, I also have occasion to remember one of the coolest dads, who also happens to be a dad of a friend from elementary, HS and college. He recently passed away too, sorry to say, but he left a legacy of memories and coolness to all his kids. He was hands-on, but was never nit-picking or overbearing; he let his kids discover the important things for themselves.

I only saw him (their dad) once, almost three decades ago, but he left such a first-class impression that it resonates with me to this day. If you’ll remember me with just half the fondness, I’ll consider myself lucky.

Almost done here, and I’m hoping as regards schoolwork: Ganda, I hope that you don’t get any grades below 2.75, and Bunso, that you at least maintain your class standing. (It’ll look great for any scholarships, grants or stuff like that.)

Anything else for me is a bonus.

I love and miss you always, kaawan kayo lagi ng Diyos.





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