Filial birthday thoughts for an awesome mom

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        [ Note from NOel : Yesterday First Brother probably treated Honorable Mother to a sumptuous birthday dinner; Second Brother ( a physician ) examined her and pronounced her fit as a 30 year old maiden ; Fourth Brother sent wondrous gifts from across the sea, and Fifth Brother ably served as her chauffeur and aide-de-camp on her day of note. For our part, via humble e-mail, we pay tribute to one of the most formidable mothers we have known, our own…]      


Dear batchmates, schoolmates, officemates, kabayan and friends :




PARTICULARLY on the subject of their offspring, mothers are known to be irrepressibly intuitive, preternaturally psychic, or creepily clairvoyant.


 Of my own mother I never thought as enjoying any of those gifts, but now that you mention it, everything she warned me about myself, had I been more prudent, I could have avoided.


 The ones that stand out : Your gifts are prone to misuse, and unless you are careful they will be your undoing.  

What you earn, you will squander / What you learn you will forget / What you love you will regret, unless you respect the value of all.
It sounds like a fortuneteller’s words, but I’m just dramatizing for effect. But through my elementary, adolescent and young adult years she harped on these themes, and as is the custom of wild, impetuous youth, I hardly cared for such advice.

 ( The one person she could not save me from was myself, an enemy she could not, despite her best efforts, vanquish. )

 Another of her fateful predictions : Others may be equally gifted , but hard work will carry the day for you. Remember that, and you’ll come out ahead every which way.


I dont know what possessed me to deny it then, but she was right. Proving the reverse of her theory, I found out too late that walking the extra mile was the last (and most important) ingredient for the success recipe. 

Don’t know if your mom was like mine, but she suffered split personality dramas whenever it came to her sons’ fortunes : hope for the best, but expect the worst. Do whatever you can to make your child draw aces, but rush to his side if or when he falters.

Don’t know if there’s anything more selfless than a mother’s lot in life : You use every fiber of your body into bringing another human into this world, use all your resources and energies into raising that human being right, and empty your vessel of knowledge and experience into this new human being, and still not be satisfied until you see the results.

But it doesn’t end there. However others might view the ignominy of the situation, should her child fail, and fail miserably, who should rush to pick up the pieces of failure but Mom herself?

She never hesitates to do so, and single-mindedly refuses to accept failure on behalf of her baby, restart the engine of inspiration in Junior or Ate, until the sun shines anew .

Such heroism would remain the stuff of legend and fable, had I not experienced this in my own mother, who celebrated her birthday yesterday.

Among the innumerable acts and gestures of kindness, altruism, and compassion, the apex of her life’s work, we are proud to declare, are her five grateful sons, seven wonderful grandchildren, and dozens of future great-grandchildren on whom the lessons of her world-class motherhood will never be lost.

Belated happy birthday, and thank you for being our mom.

Love always





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