Texts From the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

You do know that once it's tattooed, it's VERY hard to remove right?

Love as a concept as opposed to love the verb

[ Note : Just a haphazardly patched quilt of words and phrases that surfaced in the last 72 hours… if they don’t make sense, apologies !  As concessions to discretion and modesty, we won’t mention the subject of this e-mail by name.  Thanks for reading ! ]

Dear batchmates, schoolmates, kabayan and friends :
IT’S SCARY.  One moment you’re changing their disposable diapers, spooning Nutrilin into their tiny mouths and saving every available peso for their next Promil can, and the next thing you know they’re asking permission for a tat.
Frankly, in this day and age, we would have thought that asking for permission was more a superfluity than anything else.  When you have permissiveness and perversion migrating into the realm of the banal and commonplace, everything else just gets demoted to dust and details.
Meaning, if they let you know what they’re up to and tell you the whys and hows, consider it a bonus.
Change as we know it is as impactful only as our attitudes and responses to the same, and the more unprepared and reactive we are (as opposed to adaptive or proactive), the greater the chances for negative (or undesirable) results.  Or so we’re told.
Papi, me tatanungin po ako, wag kang magagalit ha?  OK lang ba magpatattoo?  Gift sa akin ng tagagawa ng piercings ko.
Hmm.  You mean the one who did your tongue stud, the navel pierce, and the extra ear holes? 
You actually have to pay good money to get these things?
Something tells me this latest project of body art had been a foregone conclusion before the press release.   Hands down, we’re sure you’re on top of his (the tagagawa) list of customer loyalty awards, just don’t let him get carried away.  Seriously.
We’re actually faced with something of a Hobson’s choice here.  On the one hand, you know deep in your gut that whether you vote yes or no, the decision’s already been made.  Practical issues of distance and time, specifically the thousands of kilometers preventing you from doing anything about it, and timewise, by the time you do get home, the tattoo would have been there for ages.
On the other hand, your saying yes will just  be added voice in case extra support is needed, if the decision is violently objected to by some other relevant party, specifically the person’s mother.
So what to do?  Oh well.
Kung yan ang magpapaligaya sa yo, sana minsan lang ito at huwag mo nang dagdagan Ganda?
Don’t worry po, Chinese character pa nga yung tattoo eh. Ai ching, Love daw po yon.
That’s not the kind of Chinese heritage that your lolo and nana will appreciate, Ganda.  Don’t show them your version of gua ai di anytime soon, hear?
If we were to apply our generation’s set of culture and value systems to the behavior of today’s youth, our best bet is chaos would ensue.  Although on the surface the differences aren’t easily discernible, in the scant decade-and-a- half that intervened, a sea change has overwhelmed goals, tastes, preferences, and, faster than you can say Britney S or LiLo, moral choices.  As much as good or bad, it has to do with relevant or irrelevant; applicable or inapplicable to an up-to-date list of priorities and objectives.
Hope you don’t get the wrong idea.  Ganda never misses a class, chases good grades, guides Bunso in his senior year adventures, and resists rather than abets, at least on schooldays, her partygoing nature.  The boasting ends there, lest we be accused of putting on blinders when describing those closest to us.
Would you be outraged if we declare, as if it weren’t a truth of the world, that youth must be allowed to be wasted by the young, and if attention need be paid to beauty, vanity and self-promotion, best do it at the height of decadence and youth?
Bahala ka na Ineng, wag mo lang sanang pagsisihan.
               **               **               **                **                 **
In Inception, the central character (hasn’t he been immortalized already  in Titanic by the way) says that a good test to apply when unsure if one is in a dream is to ask how did I get here?  If you can’t answer the same, chances are, you’re in one. 
Along parallel lines, we might as well ask ourselves when looking at the suplings : how did they grow up so fast? How long before they’re all grown up and out of sight?
Between the disposable diapers and the Chinese tattoo passed such a painfully short gap of precious memories.
Thanks for reading !

2 thoughts on “Texts From the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

    • hahaha, thanks for bonding Chichi 🙂 u know as well as I do that there is no perfect formula for parenting, it takes years and years of blood sweat and tears. pls dont tire making these precious comments, ok? we’ll meet in Auckland yet, mabuhay Marian devotees in NZ 🙂

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