A Precious Memory of Tess & Dad

 [ Note from YLB : We sympathize with kabatch Tess Aldeguer – Tangco‘s loss, and we fondly remember her dad who we met once upon a time in high school.  If we were back home Tess this what we would say… ]
Dear Tess and batchmates :
MEMORIES are sometimes the most imperfect and fallible of all the mind’s devices, but just the same we rely on them beyond logic and reason.
Because we were born before the age of digital cameras (that now do away with film and the need to rush to the store), real time (that transferred memory into pictures and back again) and the information highway (that socialized and dispersed memories ten to a hundredfold within moments), we depended on what we remembered, especially about remarkable events and individuals that made an indelible mark on our lives.
One such memory that stood out for us was a chance encounter with Mr Charlie Ang, Tess’s dad, when we were all in the pink of youth and without a care in the world. 
That solitary visit that we made to the Ang/Aldeguer household allowed us to discover two things : first that the mestiza features of Tess and her siblings came mostly from their mom, but which were nevertheless balanced in charm and class by their dad; and second that he lost no time in making us feel as welcome as a well-loved member of the family, although it was the first (and ultimately the last) time he saw us.
Somehow he knew that we were stricken with hua na gong DNA, asked us not to bother twisting our tongue with Fukienese, asked us about being friends with his daughter and other kabatch, and wished us well in our university adventures, which at the time were coming soon.
Just like that.  Our memories of Mr Ang would be cemented by those precious few moments, but they would be enough.
Just like memories, our dads and what they represent may not always be crystal-clear, but we remember the important things : their love and dedication to us and the rest of our families, their unconditional love for us no matter how we fare, and their unfailing devotion to us for the rest of our lives.
Thank you Tess for making our short memory of your dad possible, thank you for being an awesome daughter to an awesome dad, and thank you for sharing your dad with the rest of us.
Prayers and hugs from all of us.
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