Mindless Mouthfuls from a Popcorn Director Armchair Athlete & Awestruck Asian

it's never to late to absorb The Force from Master Obi-Wan
special busts, highly collectible, we suspect the owner won’t easily part with these hard-to-find gems.

 “The most authentic thing about us

is our capacity to create, to overcome,

to endure, to transform, to love

and to be greater than our suffering.”

Ben Okri quoted in Criminal Minds

[ originally written 28th January 2010 ]

[NOte from YLB : Just had to reproduce that quote, it was so visceral, epiphanic and beautifully descriptive of the human condition, capturing the nameless emotions we felt whenever confronted with both pleasure and suffering, joy and tragedy, ordinariness and uniqueness at all levels… thanks for the thoughtful gift, LovelyStef, the tasty tea, KuyaSonny, the kind comments QueenHedy, and belated happy birthday to kabatch Teresa Tin – Say !]

Dear batchmates, kabayan and friends : 

NOTHING much to talk about these early days of the young year, except that if you thought we didn’t have enough important stuff to do and accomplish, we are proud to advise that we are nearly done with reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for the second time.  It struck us, before deciding to read the 2nd time around, that when we saw HP and the Half Blood Prince (HP6) and, as long as we’re saying it, HP and the Order of the Phoenix (HP5), it was one of the very few movies (and you know we don’t watch often) where better than four-fifths of the audience already know about the entire movie (having read the book at least once) but still obviously thoroughly enjoyed the same. 

We know, because we were definitely part of that demographic.

The other reason we just had to read the book anew was because we just zipped through the first time, in fact because of notorious short term memory loss we don’t even remember the ebbs and flows of the story except of course for the ending.

By way of spoiler alert, we can only say that the decision of JK Rowling and filmmakers to divide the last book into two consecutive movies is aces.  And that the box office gross will rival Pocahontas Blue, Urduja and Istarzan & Cheetae combined 🙂

Talking about sobrang bitin na sequel/prequels, we hear that pre-filming / preparation for The Hobbit has finally commenced, more than two years after it was temporarily aborted.  Sadly, though actual filming has already been scheduled, we heard that the release of the much-awaited movie won’t be until at least a year after production starts.

               **               **               **               **               **

 We’ve had an average of only four hours sleep this week, and it’s not because of a red-eye shift or bedtime stressor (whatever that means) but the nitty gritty and all-drama, blood-and-guts battles of the 2010 Australian Open, the first of the so-called four major tennis tournaments.

That neither Zheng Jie nor Li Na made the Aus Open finals makes their singular, though joint achievement no less impressive… not only has a Chinese made the semifinals of a tennis major, TWO made it in a single tournament.  incredible and unbelievably awesome!  We confess not being able to watch more than two women’s matches (that wailing semifinalist beaten by Serena W whose name escapes us was surreal, whooping and shrieking on almost every stroke, we found it hard to believe her opponents didn’t just collapse in laughter before the end of the first set).

The other thing for which this Aussie Open will be memorable, at least re the women’s event, for us, is that this is one of the few finals we have encountered where we like neither of the finalists. Yes, we remember clearly Henin being less than sportsmanlike during her heydey, can’t put a finger on it though but it had to do with using a medical timeout to halt the momentum of her attacking opponent, and though there’s nothing technically wrong with that, ethically it means the world to colleagues and fans alike.

And well, we all know about Serena’s misadventures re the 2009 US Open.

We don’t mean to be controversial re Henin, we do admire her efforts at comeback, just that we can’t forget that side of her .  In fact it reminds us a bit of what Serena would do before she became totally dominant.

Re the men’s side, definitive we think is a rally where Andy Murray vertically ran the length of his side of the court TWICE to field Marin Cilic’s drop shots, and improbably converting the break point.  heartstopping and magnificent.  It doesn’t even matter whether Murray eventually wins or loses the set and the match.

Each match, each confrontation (that we caught on TV) between tennis titans during the year’s first major has been epic and dramatic, practically no exception.  That’s how quality-filled the 2010 Aus Open has been. Tomic-Cilic, del Potro-Blake, Roddick-Gonzales, Hewitt-Federer, Nadal-Murray. Each match almost a classic in itself.

Well, for now let’s bask in the glory of not just two Asians, but two CHINESE in a major semifinal. Wan wan sui, jia you and superproud to be both Asian and Chinoy!

               **               **               **               **               **

Last na po : a slightly different, more human (but arguably less entertaining) Dr House was shown on the season opener (parang sports) of House, probably TVLand’s most neurotic doctor.  He’s shown battling his way out of the mental institution he submitted to in last year’s final.  It promises to be another wonderful season.

Thanks for your time !

Your Loyal Batchmate NOel




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